About Six Degrees PR

Six Degrees is a boutique PR agency based in Hong Kong, representing an eclectic mix of fashion and lifestyle brands. We offer services ranging from media relations, celebrity handling to event management. At times we work with different partners to achieve the best results.

We firmly believe in Six Degrees of Separation, the idea that everyone is an average of six "steps" away from each person on Earth. Today is a world linking up within six degrees, or even fewer in a metropolis like Hong Kong. By offering skills and tailored strategies that best suit our clients’ products or services, we facilitate communication and connection to the right degrees of people in the right way.

Six Degrees PR是本地公關公司,成立於2005年。我們為來自世界各地的潮流時裝、生活時尚品牌客戶提供公關及宣傳策略,透過緊密的媒體關係、緊貼急速變化的新媒體及社交平台,以提高宣傳效益,亦為客戶建議及聯絡合適之名人明星或KOL,以配合不同品牌形象、宣傳企劃及活動需要。

Six Degrees PR在策劃公關宣傳活動或企劃層面上,構思不同形式的活動概念,切合客戶形象及需要,並執行整個流程管理。同時可因應活動性質,聯繫及夥拍不同的製作或創意公司,務求將活動或企劃做到盡善盡美。

我們公司的名字Six Degrees PR源自「六度分隔理論」(Six Degrees of Separation),意指地球上互不相識的兩人,只需要六個中間人就能夠建立起聯繫。我們相信這個理論,尤其在香港這個大都會,人際網絡之間的層數甚至會更少。因此,我們希望憑著專業知識及度身訂造的策略,加強網絡聯繫,將客戶的產品及服務推廣至最適合的受眾群。



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